Defining Security

Private Corporate Networks no longer extend to your compute or mobile devices. Localized antivirus software approaches can only hope to mitigate some of the problems that have arrived at your computer. VPN’s do nothing more than give you a private connection to an alternate and completely non-secure entrance to the Internet. Now is the time to truly address the security of your devices before it’s too late.

In today’s society, we all work, play, and rely on our mobile devices and tablets but do nothing to protect ourselves. And what’s worse is that most do nothing to protect children and their devices from being compromised by severe vulnerabilities such as spyware.

Your False Sense of Security

There are three approaches that are taken to attempt to address Internet security today, however none of them are sufficient

Corporate Network

Local Antivirus Software

VPN Platforms

Corporate Network

Many users leverage company computers that connect via VPN to a corporate networked equipped with enterprise-grade firewalls and strict security policies around access and content.
With most organizations implementing a “bring your own device” policy, your employer is no longer liable. And as such, nothing is done to protect your device. For those that wish to protect themselves there are no effective or affordable options until now.

Local Antivirus Software

Most, if not all, computers are equipped with a localized antivirus software version such as McAfee, Norton, or Bitdefender. This approach is lacking as it does not prevent any threat from making it to your computer. In addition, there is no software option for your tablet, iPad, or smartphone, which is where users spend “well over 50% of their time”.

VPN Platforms.

It is extremely important to understand that VPNs are used merely to provide a private and encrypted connection to a destination. Once your traffic arrives on a VPN providers network you simply exit to the internet from a new location where you are no safer than you were prior. While VPN marketing campaigns tell an inflated story about encryption and security. The reality is quite the opposite. In the never-ending security battle, VPN providers are simply connecting you to a different location on the front lines.

Some businesses use VPNs as a way for users to connect to a private network that is hopefully protected with an expensive enterprise-grade security platform. Unfortunately, this has become difficult for organizations to manage and even fund.

When your traffic traverses the internet, it travels across multiple internet provider networks. When you use a VPN provider you only bypass your local internet provider. The “Privacy” smoke-and-mirror marketing campaigns are pitched as an unfairly misleading security solution.

Kryptofab is the first ever subscription-based security offering that provides and enterprise-grade security offering and application optimization for a safe, reliable, and better-performing internet experience for you and your family or your company.

One you create an account; you are provided with credentials to connect via VPN to the nearest Kryptofab Secure Internet Access location. Your connection location is dynamically determined by our platform to ensure optimal performance. Each user is provided with a personalized dashboard that provides access to manage every device that is added.

Packages And Features

professional speed
& security

This package includes Web Filtering, Intrusion
Prevention, Spam Blocker, Phishing Blocker,
Threat Prevention, and Bandwidth Optimizer

family with kids
safe surf

Family with kids safe surf adds Advanced Web
Filtering, Safe Search, and Adult Content Blocker
to the features of the Professional Package